Rag Chew Net 2017-08-15

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2017-08-16 01:27:10.207916 K5SRL CheckIn Lawton Amrron digital net on wednesday nights / mt63 on 2 meters / MARS all operators are required to do digital, mil std 188 and pretty active on winlink,winmor /
2017-08-16 01:27:06.165862 KG5IWL ReCheck kg5iwl@gmail.com / 146.790 at 8PM on monday niught
2017-08-16 01:21:44.445259 KG5DGO CheckIn Altus weird audio / not really doing any digital modes / couldn't get it going
2017-08-16 00:48:18.283141 N5XTR CheckIn Devol having fun with FT8 on 6 meters / random wire with a remote tuner working fantastic / running jt65 and psk31/ used to do meteor scatter / run APRS and have an iGate in the house / FT100
2017-08-16 00:48:08.685476 WA5RR CheckIn Burkeburnett dabbled in just about all the digital modes that have come out / use WSPR on a raspberry pi / 33 mW average out to 3300 miles / hobby pcb 5 watt /
2017-08-16 00:48:03.017441 W5ZFQ CheckIn NW Lawton yaesu fusion and aprs
2017-08-16 00:47:58.519719 KG5NGD CheckIn Snyder got a shark rf coming in soon / probably does all of the digital voice modes
2017-08-16 00:47:10.638676 W5DPH CheckIn East Lawton Tried FT8 / like jt65 and jt9 better / doing alot of WSPR lately for over a year lately / leave it running during the day / try to run around 10 watts / got VE3ER / D-Star as well
2017-08-16 00:46:57.231072 N4RDB CheckIn Lawton CIO
2017-08-16 00:46:53.038204 KC5CYY CheckIn West Lawton tried packet a long time ago / should have been required to take a typing test / psk31 and sstv / do a lot of FT8 and WSPR / reports to pskreporter
2017-08-16 00:46:43.368845 K5NAP CheckIn Elgin CIO
2017-08-16 00:46:38.115134 KG5IWL CheckIn Altus FT8 no a fan / JT65 and psk 31 on 20 meters / done some on 2 meters as well
2017-08-16 00:46:33.047926 KD5TDK CheckIn Duncan no doing too bad / asked if louder / like DMR, haven't done dstar, played with packet on the digi peater in duncan / ended up selling the TNC / takes the fun
2017-08-16 00:46:27.237977 KG5DIR CheckIn Elgin Discovered pi-star allows DMR/DStar/Fusion and P25, missed on on DMR because the batt on the MD380 was dead / dvmega and has support for more boards
2017-08-16 00:46:21.882247 N5EVA CheckIn Elgin CIO
2017-08-16 00:46:13.985870 KE5UAB CheckIn Duncan CIO
2017-08-15 23:58:47.441715 KG5ICZ CheckIn WME Net Control / Topic: Digital Modes / Swap Net Next Week

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