Rag Chew Net 2016-05-24

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2016-05-24 20:18:15.907956 K5WXL CheckIn Lawton 525 / May have access to a larger UPS for the 525.
2016-05-24 20:17:17.911977 W5ZFQ ReCheck Geary should check the Dodge city radar, still signs of interesting weather
2016-05-24 20:15:46.357102 AF5AS CheckIn Altus 300 /
2016-05-24 20:14:03.543385 KG5DIR ReCheck Responding to Geary / Still several storm going up in Kansas, problem Val was having toward the end, the storm was on top of the radar, so was hard to keep and eye on.
2016-05-24 20:12:43.529881 K5SRL ReCheck Quick plug for the AmRRON net, 1900 Central. will be remote with W5DPH go box, 146.420 Mhz Simplex
2016-05-24 20:12:38.364906 KE5IRK ReCheck Direct with Chuck / thanks for heads up with the Dodge city video on facebook
2016-05-24 20:08:25.897686 KG5FWI CheckIn Altus 300 / Tried to checkin ealrier, but didn't make it in, looking for maybe a QRP radio
2016-05-24 20:08:18.582145 KG5ARV CheckIn Marlow 525 / Doing well, nothing to BST, looking to get an HF rig in the next few months.
2016-05-24 20:07:40.766441 W5ZFQ ReCheck Won't be Fedex mobile much right now, the tryck is mostly fireglass and aluminum
2016-05-24 20:06:58.693483 KG5DIR ReCheck Letting Geary know, Val Castor was up at Dodge City, on facebook for about an hour
2016-05-24 20:04:21.885413 W5ZFQ ReCheck Ran into NL7CO, saw Mike post as well
2016-05-24 20:04:10.427580 KG5DGO CheckIn Lawton 525 / Headed to work, nothing to BST,
2016-05-24 19:59:53.174884 KE5IRK CheckIn Lawton 525 / Problems are probably from using used gear in the shack, might sale satellite radio, everything is for sale for the right price.
2016-05-24 19:59:25.469948 WD5USA CheckIn NW Lawton 525 / For the right price, everything is for sale, looking for 100ft of 8 wire rotor cable
2016-05-24 19:49:05.254916 KB5TYF CheckIn Chicasha 450 / Nothing to BST
2016-05-24 19:48:38.235432 KG5DIR CheckIn Elgin 450 / nothing BST
2016-05-24 19:48:29.932510 AI5U CheckIn East Lawton 525 / Nothing to BST / Concur weather is a bust
2016-05-24 19:48:21.605758 KA5FNQ CheckIn Apache 450 / Getting along fine, waiting on AC to get fixed, got a need for Coax - RG8X
2016-05-24 19:47:33.135335 W5ZFQ CheckIn Lawton 525 / Nothing to sell, can't afford to buy anything, nothing for trade
2016-05-24 19:46:54.640541 K5SRL CheckIn NW Lawton 525 / Working some HF, trying for National Parks on the air
2016-05-24 19:46:40.230034 N4RDB CheckIn Lawton 525 / Nothing for swap net, waiting on Raspberry PI
2016-05-24 19:46:33.316526 WX5IRL CheckIn Cache 525 / Thing going well, been busy, For trade, one wife with broom, will trade for shotgun or hunting dog
2016-05-24 19:40:01.724317 KG5ICZ CheckIn Wichita Mountain Estates Net Control

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