Rag Chew Net 2017-04-18

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2017-04-19 01:04:28.540024 KG5DIR ReCheck ask about internet / radio was reset and is working
2017-04-19 01:00:43.556927 KE5GFY CheckIn North Lawton doing good / just got 2 meters back up and hf is back up / no 440 in the house /
2017-04-19 00:47:10.619950 KL2NN CheckIn Mobile Ft Sill official nod from hoa to put up an antenna mast / need more radios for the antenna mast / do a foldover mast
2017-04-19 00:46:56.524044 KA5FNQ CheckIn Apache yeard loks like a jungle, working on indoor antenna / vertical dipole /
2017-04-19 00:46:46.786821 AI5U CheckIn East Lawton had to use the discone to get into the
2017-04-19 00:46:38.501261 KE5UAB CheckIn Duncan just got out of the hospital / kidney stone problem / looking to get 10 meters going / going to build a vertical ground plane
2017-04-19 00:46:32.346287 WS5UNY CheckIn SW Lawton CIO
2017-04-19 00:46:12.465929 KG5DIR CheckIn Elgin 075 is working good on the ht
2017-04-19 00:46:08.626725 KI5KER CheckIn SW Lawton mowing and working on fence
2017-04-19 00:46:03.464003 WD5USA CheckIn NW Lawton doing well, had the foot worked on, getting ready for 6 meters
2017-04-19 00:42:26.035088 K5SRL CheckIn NW Lawton on the mini mobile in the j pole
2017-04-18 04:13:17.728966 KG5ICZ CheckIn WME Net Control / See who I can hear on reverse / Net Contingency

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