Severe Weather Net 2017-04-13

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2017-04-16 18:17:26.781902 KG5FLS WXReport jjgkj
2017-04-13 21:08:45.230931 KE5IRK CheckOut 1st I typed my call sign wrong below. LOL KE5KIR should be KE5IRK. 2. I'm done for the night, closing things up and down.
2017-04-13 20:44:13.432129 WXReport Comanche County As of 8:30 p.m. Thursday night some of our HAM weather stations in Comanche County (Lawton area) are reporting: In Cache 3.05; between Cache and Lawton 3.05 (Pain Road and U.S. 62); LIRA's net control just off of SW 67th and Lee 2.37; Comanche EOC SW Lawton 1.06; and SE Lawton, just off of Lee Blvd (Highway 7 close to KSWO) 1.04 inches. Our spotters are only reporting the typical flooding areas, most run clear between rains, we have heard of one vehicle water rescue. We have not see creeks or drainage ditches overflowed, but they have been close before the rain spells break.
2017-04-13 18:43:40.855723 KG5FLS WXReport 16th and Lincoln At 6:10 pm water rescue, vehicle stranded in the water.
2017-04-13 18:42:29.434702 KG5FLS CheckIn Michael has been on line monitoring for a good while.
2017-04-13 18:33:22.244226 KK4MYZ CheckIn Correct call for KK5MYZ
2017-04-13 18:32:17.646015 WXReport Eisenhower Dr. and Columbia area, drainage Wolf Creek Wolf Creek at 58th st canal looking at Compass Bridge, etc. Rushing water video sent to us.
2017-04-13 18:24:00.847007 W5LFS WXReport QTH 1.12 inches as of 6:23 pm
2017-04-13 18:22:54.952795 KI5KER WXReport 20th and Jones 2.09 inches of rain today recorded 6.22 pm
2017-04-13 18:13:18.694576 KI5KER WXReport Sheridan Rd, Jefferson, Washington, 20th Typical flooding areas 20th and SW Washington moving water running the drain. Sheridan and Jefferson on Jefferson over two foot deep, standing water. Police are watching it.
2017-04-13 18:05:11.191025 W5LFS CheckIn
2017-04-13 18:02:41.681312 KI5KER CheckIn corrected call sign for KI5KIR and KE5KIR
2017-04-13 18:00:17.499804 W5ZFQ CheckIn Corrected call sign for K5Z earlier
2017-04-13 17:58:43.082255 KI5KER WXReport Sheridan and Ferris Northbound on Sheridan, north of Ferris, slow moving traffic due to so much water on the road.
2017-04-13 17:56:43.060083 W5ZFQ WXReport SW E Ave between 9th and 11th streets, Lawton,OK east running water over the roadway, over a foot deep.
2017-04-13 15:51:26.355903 KE5IRK CheckIn SW Lawton Net Control / 000 WWUS54 KOUN 132032 SVSOUN Severe Weather Statement National Weather Service Norman OK 332 PM CDT THU APR 13 2017 OKC141-TXC487-132100- /O.CON.KOUN.SV.W.0091.000000T0000Z-170413T2100Z/ Tillman OK-Wilbarger TX- 332 PM CDT THU APR 13 2017 ...A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 400 PM CDT FOR SOUTHWESTERN TILLMAN AND EAST CENTRAL WILBARGER COUNTIES...

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