Rag Chew Net 2016-11-1

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2016-11-01 20:23:23.237957 KE5IRK CheckIn SW Lawton CI Only
2016-11-01 20:14:58.742083 KC5FM CheckIn Altus depending on how he travels, echolink and d-star when traveling in the redcar, use APRS / leave on .52 and scan to see what he finds, OKC has activity on .52 so can always make contact, on HF put 108" whip and work 10m MF and 20M 14.300 and 75M / hamsticks on 75 to 20, and
2016-11-01 20:14:53.311476 K5SRL ReCheck QSY to 80M 3.920Mhz
2016-11-01 20:14:21.274795 WS5UNY CheckIn South Lawton CI Only
2016-11-01 19:50:15.267613 KG5PJH CheckIn Marlow Enjoying the weather / being a new tech, travel all over western ok, have a company vehicle without the mobile, playing as he goes around on the HT
2016-11-01 19:49:27.445209 KB5SYL CheckIn Altus David / taking trips to iowa programmed the route into the radio,
2016-11-01 19:49:14.718699 N5XTR CheckIn Duval Joel / Hello to all on the net, second the repeater book app, k5ehx.net is a repeater map, put in start city and end city, service tech drive everywhere, use APRS in the truck and monitor APRS, down in the Falls area there are a gorups of guys on 52 every night, aprs.mountainlake
2016-11-01 19:49:02.627713 N4RDB CheckIn Lawton have 7 mobiles in the car, have every repeater in all six counties surrounding the area,
2016-11-01 19:48:50.451137 AF5AS CheckIn Altus Ask about the net on the 79 / Part A doing 146.79- PL100, might hit the edmond repeater, haha, need a recoordinate. Doing nets on Monday nights at 8PM. Yaesu fusion bt used analog only. 22 Watts out. Try to get back to 100W. / Part B - go all over, have what he has in the vehicle, use APRS, no HF. 146.52 not as popular as you would think, key is on interstate, cb channel 19 will get an answer. Beacon APRS for sure. One of these days D-Star
2016-11-01 19:48:31.206931 K5SRL CheckIn NW Lawton keep it simple, use the repeater book app on the phone, tried to load repeater book
2016-11-01 19:48:20.930888 KG5DIR CheckIn Elgin Have scan groups and changing areas will change scan groups, out of state program direction hes going in terms of traveling
2016-11-01 19:48:11.133121 KI5KER CheckIn South Lawton Doing well, taking a trip to taco bell / talk on 525 up to 450 in cement, go out to altus, use the 300
2016-11-01 19:43:28.072809 KG5ICZ CheckIn WME Net Control / Trip planning for repeaters and frequencies

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