Rag Chew Net 2016-09-27

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2016-09-27 20:23:38.536124 K5NAP ReCheck ken needs a baofeng radio /
2016-09-27 20:22:08.636121 KA5FNQ ReCheck the movie was gravity / the zeplin used a long wire strung out the back / article online Bob Archer antenna's for aircraft
2016-09-27 20:20:53.506472 WD5USA ReCheck unrelated / anyone have information on 444.075
2016-09-27 20:15:05.027865 KG5FWI ReCheck for propagation, wispr is another one for qrp propagation
2016-09-27 20:14:40.143770 KE5UAB CheckIn Duncan work been keeping him busy, came across being able to talk far places, dialing around on 20 meters / heard arizona station in his home town / high frequencies is a movie with a little boy talking to a station in antarctica
2016-09-27 20:14:27.880043 KE5GFY CheckIn Lawton Porable no checking in too often, need a new ht
2016-09-27 20:14:20.168091 KC5CYY CheckIn Mobile in Lawton got done at the Y working out getting ready for PT test next month / ISS watch tonight
2016-09-27 20:09:08.479807 KC5FM CheckIn Altus section manager for 3 more days / oct 1 get a new one / one of the more interesting uses is for propnet / 75 /40 20 /15, will tell you when the band is open, good for 10 meters
2016-09-27 20:09:04.871725 W5ZFQ CheckIn Lawton used ham radio during work for storm spotting / used it during cert exercises
2016-09-27 20:07:02.591780 KG5NGD ReCheck antenna is located in the leading edge of the stabilizer
2016-09-27 20:06:54.105926 KL2NN CheckIn Ft Sil CI Only
2016-09-27 20:06:46.121373 KG5FWI CheckIn Altus nothing comes to mind / have been pretty excited about winlink
2016-09-27 20:06:36.819350 N5EVA CheckIn Elgin doing great / no traffic
2016-09-27 19:48:04.110240 AF5AS CheckIn Altus HF on airplanes, usually the airplane acts as the antenna, used to be a long wire that attaches to the tail and the fuselage, mainly the hf is through a couple and tuner all built in
2016-09-27 19:47:53.848374 K5SRL CheckIn NW Lawton movie contact, basic premise was she was interested in communications, went to run seti call sign in the movie was w9gfo / pastor is a ham, just renewed in june, is a CW op
2016-09-27 19:47:25.306784 K5VL CheckIn Norman hf on airplane, a quatamallan guy on a corporate jet was working hf
2016-09-27 19:47:17.127735 AI5U CheckIn East Lawton tim allen, plays mike baxter and actually got his call sign kk6otd,
2016-09-27 19:46:32.394842 WD5USA CheckIn NW Lawton movie, frequency / fire fighter lost his father in fire/ talked his dad in the past on the radio / last man standing has ham radio occasionally / up on mount scott, cute little girl came up to him on and said / belton this weekend, 8th octoboer in Paris texas is MTC's event /
2016-09-27 19:46:21.014274 K5NAP CheckIn Elgin fairly recent QST, movie tora tora tora, used CW on amateur
2016-09-27 19:46:15.222722 KG5NGD CheckIn Snyder had a couple of guys had hf radio to talk to home to amateur on the plane
2016-09-27 19:46:05.334258 KA5FNQ CheckIn Apache getting along / tv show coming this fall, has amateur radio in it / late 60s - supposedly there was a hamburger stand with a pa system and local hams realized the pa system would pick up their mobile transmissins if they were close enough, so they could place orders
2016-09-27 19:45:52.922947 KF5GMT CheckIn South Lawton Doing well, last year was the first year for the spirit of survival / tour de meers
2016-09-27 19:19:29.423661 KG5ICZ CheckIn WME Net Control / Unexpected places/uses for amateur radio

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