Rag Chew Net 2016-08-30

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2016-08-30 20:21:59.709149 K5SRL ReCheck chirp has intergration with rfinder and repeater book
2016-08-30 20:20:51.942947 N4RDB ReCheck Hurricane net, Bob's machine is linked in the the SE via Allstar,
2016-08-30 20:13:01.927256 K5WXL CheckIn SE Lawton baofeng, use chirps, sometimes the cable doesn't work, usually because it doesn't plug in all the way, always use chirp for chinese radios, use rt systems for non chinese radios, really like it, can pull in from various internet sources, does proximity search as well, does have downfalls, mostly the problems associated with repeater book and rfinder, like invalid data: repeaters from yaesu are front panel, most of the link system is motorola repeaters with specific programming cables, the older machines use a dos program, that cannot use a pentium processor with, have to use a really old computer, cement and 525 are newer and have windows programming software, programming controllers there is a windows based programming soft, moto stuff is not geared for amateur use so has a ton of options, programming r100s, need a tone board soldered to the controller on the repeater, had to modify, waiting on the water tower to be finished, so access is limited, but once done, will get the 147.330 back on the air with fusion, have internet with wiresx as well
2016-08-30 20:06:35.481193 W5ZFQ CheckIn Lawton hada 10 hour day in marlow, use rt systems for programming, has 3 yaesu radios and a kenwood, all of them are identical, any radio I pick up channel 11 is this repeater, unless it doesn't have 70cm, doesn't have channel 11, rt systems has integration with repeater book and rfinder, so is really nice. Also practice FPP programming
2016-08-30 20:06:28.734154 KG5FLR CheckIn Eastern Comanche Cnty Doing peachy, software is chirp, bought a baofeng cable, came with some software too, but windows 10 wouldn't run it, chirp is just simple, can, does FPP on quick updates
2016-08-30 20:06:13.719053 N5EVA CheckIn Elgin Doing fine, Dad sometimes uses chirp, mostly use the panel
2016-08-30 20:05:59.383333 KG5DGO CheckIn Lawton Doing good, getting ready for work, uses chirp if not, uses the the manufactures software
2016-08-30 19:48:16.819774 KC5FM CheckIn Altus doing well, chirp is what he uses for, everything else is FPP, kenwood is fpp, Jamboree on the Air and Route 66 on the air
2016-08-30 19:48:10.212579 K5SRL CheckIn NW LAwton made first DX on digital to columbia - uses chirp, uses jt 6188 mini came with it's only software, looks like chirp, Lloyd will probably know about the hurricane activity, 20M 14.325USB will activate within 300 miles of land fall
2016-08-30 19:47:19.818280 KA5FNQ CheckIn Apache Had a little trouble, using chirp for the baofeng, doing fpp until he figured out the seating issue with the connector
2016-08-30 19:47:12.840111 K5NAP CheckIn Elgin Doing fairly well, uses chirp for baofengs, finger punching is just as easy as the software, don't store that many freq
2016-08-30 19:47:06.568529 KF5GMT CheckIn South Lawton Covered in Paint, hopeing to be able to mow some, but has to take care of a new puppy, takes radios to bob or matt for programming
2016-08-30 19:47:00.156774 KL2NN CheckIn Fletcher No Traffic
2016-08-30 19:46:43.944717 AI5U CheckIn East Lawton have the yaesu software and adms, but mostly does front panel programming by memory, for uniden scanner, uses sentenial for the DB functionality
2016-08-30 19:46:35.675396 KE5UAB CheckIn Duncan CI only
2016-08-30 19:46:27.187522 KG5NGD CheckIn Snyder
2016-08-30 19:46:13.898788 KG5DIR CheckIn Elgin Have the guy wire anchors almost done, on chirp if you have problem, contact the programmers so they can fix it. Alot of the cables are interchangeable, especially on the newer one, rt systems is awesome
2016-08-30 19:46:07.802395 N4RDB CheckIn Lawton Tired, been working alot, used pretty much all of the software, kenwood, motorola, hard to find stuff
2016-08-30 19:35:04.801712 KG5ICZ CheckIn WME Net Control / Programming software and cables / Call for NCOs

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