Rag Chew Net 2016-05-3

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2016-05-03 19:54:58.745395 KA5FNQ CheckIn None Trying baofeng on homemade dipole, looking at old test equipment of his dad's
2016-05-03 19:54:42.430265 AI5U CheckIn None spring cleaning and car shows
2016-05-03 19:54:27.710045 N4RDB CheckIn None Machine was over heating and drifting, got a new xmit radio, keyed down at 40 watts for 5 minutes, barely got hot, is now up at 37 watts
2016-05-03 19:46:42.560645 AD5NK CheckIn None Thank you to Matt for repeater maintenance, nothing much else
2016-05-03 19:46:30.255891 K5SRL CheckIn None Doing some national parks on the air, has 4 so far, looking at making a flower pot antenna for portable
2016-05-03 19:46:23.137514 KF5GMT CheckIn None Got some taco bell at sheridan and gore, with the woman, got new tires on the front of the truck, went out chasing didn't know he had a bad tire, ate through the cord on the way back from tipton or altus, pretty scared about it, not much going on other than that, Kilo Frank 5 General Mountain Time
2016-05-03 19:46:14.946531 K5WXL CheckIn None Removed the old controller and link radios from the 525. Moved the DMR to the green water tower to its permanent home. Beamed internet to the DMR machine. Matt has everything together at the house to include a Quantar repeater to replace the 525, has to build brand new cables and install new link radios CDM 750s. No timeline for new 525 going live, once the cables come in this week, he'll program the repeater. Second issue, interference coming in on the 525's input freq, some kind of repeater with output freq on our input freq, no idea where it's coming from yet. Tone is different which is why we don't hear it all the time, only with someone's valid transmission. might have to find a new freq pair

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