Severe Weather Net 2021-07-10 Svr Watch

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2021-07-11 05:13:53.379420 KI5KER WXReport out by airport 2.16 inches of rain at 12:12 am
2021-07-11 04:53:46.710490 KI5KER WXReport out by airport 2.1 inches of rain by 11:50 pm
2021-07-11 04:52:37.217602 KI5CSQ WXReport Trail and Goodin? Pea size, up to dime, back to pea size hail
2021-07-10 22:34:27.103145 KE5IRK CheckIn 67th and Lee in SW Lawton Net Control
2021-07-10 22:34:19.427022 KG5ICZ CheckIn Stoney Point Road and Tacklebox road in Comanche County Assisting Net Control

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