Severe Weather Net 2020-05-13

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2020-05-14 03:32:15.188029 KE5IRK CheckOut 67th and Lee in SW Lawton I'm done, dead radio, dead back. LOL
2020-05-14 02:56:05.507397 KE5IRK WXReport 67th and Lee in SW Lawton My Kenwood 708 storm radio has stopped transmitting, so I am on an HT, and bored with these storms. HI HI
2020-05-14 00:47:58.727041 KG5ICZ CheckIn Hwy 49 and Stoney Point Road in Comanche County Assisting net control
2020-05-14 00:47:46.060038 KE5IRK CheckIn 67th and Lee in SW Lawton Net Control

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