Rag Chew Net 2019-07-02 / Amateur Radio Regulation

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2019-07-03 01:11:52.504388 KD5TDK ReCheck Duncan was some interference on the 525 coming from texas
2019-07-03 01:11:34.281574 K5VL CheckIn Norman conditions are not optimal, but can get in tonight
2019-07-03 01:11:17.821677 KG5UVU CheckIn Chickasha kb5tyf is out of town today, but representing Chicasha
2019-07-03 01:10:52.756271 KG5IWL ReCheck Altus play on 6 meters / been real good for the last 3 weeks, usually opens in the morning
2019-07-03 01:10:48.230389 KI5KER ReCheck Roaming main E/W roads thanks to those who helped on the 525
2019-07-03 01:02:43.887745 K5WXL ReCheck SE 60th and Woodlawn in SE Lawton the controller at the 525 has a dead port. acting like it receiving a signal from a link radio and opening the squelch / going to need a new controller before too long / need donations for a new controller / after the 525 was fixed, was able to get into the 525 from randlett on a talky in a vehicle
2019-07-03 01:02:38.248794 N5XTR CheckIn Devol was able to hit the 525 on Hwy 70 east of I35 near the mobile home manufacturer / hope the two meter band is not reallocated / although there may be a new 8 meter band 40MHz coming up / 13 Colonies on HF is going on right now
2019-07-03 01:02:34.585243 KG5IWL CheckIn Altus thanks to Matt for getting the 650 back on the air / looking forward to getting the other machines up / don't see the two meter band getting reallocated, way too much activity / could happen, but not likely
2019-07-03 00:48:08.698787 W5IRH CheckIn Altus CIO
2019-07-03 00:47:53.586366 K5BDW CheckIn Duncan not worried about it
2019-07-03 00:47:42.627251 KD5TDK CheckIn Duncan not worried about 2 meter take over, hopefully it's fought off
2019-07-03 00:47:31.004155 KI5AOX CheckIn Marlow looking to study for the general
2019-07-03 00:47:20.418556 K5WXL CheckIn SE 60th and Woodlawn in SE Lawton probably don't have to worry about losing 2 meters / tech update - sunday, chris, vance, sunny and jim were at the tower to swap antenna / tested feedline with power and dummy load on top / had to retune the receiver / got the DMR machine on back on the air / link to grandfield is down, moved to Navajo link / going to navajo this weekend to fix the problems there - going to put a preamp on it too /
2019-07-03 00:47:12.602320 KI5KER CheckIn Roaming main E/W roads CIO
2019-07-03 00:47:08.167777 WS5UNY CheckIn 20th and Washington in SW Lawton CIO
2019-07-03 00:44:42.464655 KG5ICZ CheckIn Hwy 49 and Stoney Point Road in Comanche County Net Control / Amateur Radio Regulation and Protection of Bands

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