Rag Chew Net 2019-02-12 / Logging

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2019-02-13 01:47:44.101484 AG5KE CheckIn rush springs CIO
2019-02-13 01:35:21.876708 KK5QS CheckIn Marlow commend david k9dcb for taking the net last week / before ham ticket, got an SDR play and put a wire dipole antenna, got hooked on HF
2019-02-13 01:35:01.878704 NG7P CheckIn East Lawton cold winter / do have an SDR radio HF UHF and HF sdr receiver /
2019-02-13 01:33:43.580733 K5BDW CheckIn Duncan trying out a new radio and antenna / swr is not what was expected / haven't messed with SDR yet /
2019-02-13 01:33:37.213481 N5XTR CheckIn Devol vfo 820
2019-02-13 01:33:29.531462 KG5OED CheckIn Lawton CIO
2019-02-13 01:33:19.612955 KI5AOX CheckIn Marlow CIO
2019-02-13 01:33:12.862225 KD5TDK CheckIn Duncan got the duplexor in for the DMR repeater / been working on a pi tnc for and igate / haven't messed with SDR
2019-02-13 01:33:05.081712 WX5IRL CheckIn Paint Road and US 62, Cache, Comanche County CIO
2019-02-13 01:32:59.054368 K9DCB CheckIn Central Lawton Spotter webinar
2019-02-13 01:31:07.544134 KG5ICZ CheckIn Hwy 49 and Stoney Point Road in Comanche County Net Control / Topic: SDR / Call for net control stations

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