Rag Chew Net 2019-01-08 / ARRL Membership

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2019-01-09 02:08:21.747200 KI5KER ReCheck 20th and NH Jones in SW Lawton got a lot of noise on signal / haven't really considered ARRL / new s10 has ground issues
2019-01-09 02:08:16.250009 K9DCB ReCheck West Lawton KI5CCS is in the spotter network
2019-01-09 02:08:05.238085 KD5TDK CheckIn duncan tired and wore out / duane helped change out the break booster / haven't been a member since 2002 / really wasn't interested / not really seeing the benefits right now/ might reconsider it later / 878 has good batter life / firmware updates will fix some problems
2019-01-09 01:36:08.185377 KB5SYL CheckIn Altus never have been a member of ARRL, thought it was too expensive / on the mobile because the portable was dying /
2019-01-09 01:35:29.788158 W5IRH CheckIn Altus got a new radio anytone d878uv / not a member of the ARRL / no particular reason beside the money / still working on a DMR repeater for the Altus area
2019-01-09 01:35:25.931534 KG5UVU CheckIn Chickasha had been a ham for a year / ARRL would send promos to join / got the operating manual as part of the sub / really like the qst, something for everyone
2019-01-09 01:35:13.181944 KI5CCS CheckIn 5 miles east of Lawton New Ham, haven't considered ARRL membership yet
2019-01-09 01:34:16.880098 K5BDW CheckIn Duncan most of the time have been a member, but will renew when funds are available
2019-01-09 01:34:11.312389 K5WXL CheckIn SE 60th and Woodlawn in SE Lawton CIO
2019-01-09 01:33:59.852575 N5XTR CheckIn Devol had a lot of snowfall 7 inches total / was a member when first licensed, had a gap for a couple of years and then picked back up when became a VE / was too much spam to renew / enjoy QST but could probably get more out of the mfj catalogue and the antenna book / do like log book of the world / if you're thinking about becoming a member google arrl promo codes
2019-01-09 01:33:54.056991 K9DCB CheckIn West Lawton Was a member at first / was a member for a couple of years / did not see much value for what it costs / did gain some knowledge from the QST publication / forums and facebook and youtube are more informative / like the lobbying efforts, but maybe not as good as it could be
2019-01-09 01:33:50.507168 KI5AOX CheckIn Marlow CIO
2019-01-09 01:33:33.085425 WX5IRL CheckIn Paint Road and US 62, Cache, Comanche County CIO / Yes for 10 years
2019-01-09 01:33:28.125331 NG7P CheckIn SE45th and Hwy 7 in East Lawton Been a member since 2000 / use ULS for membership renewal
2019-01-09 01:33:20.330263 WS5UNY CheckIn 20th and Washington in SW Lawton CIO
2019-01-09 01:33:17.072219 KG5NGD CheckIn Lawton member of ARRL, pretty good about sending stuff out /
2019-01-09 01:33:10.295026 KI5KER CheckIn 20th and NH Jones in SW Lawton argonne gas in the window panes can stop signal
2019-01-09 01:16:47.778768 KG5ICZ CheckIn Hwy 49 and Stoney Point Road in Comanche County Net Control / ARRL Membership. Yes/No Why/Why Not? / Call for net control stations.

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