Rag Chew Net 2018-11-13 / Digital Modes

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2018-11-14 02:01:48.786646 KI5AOX CheckIn Marlow just staying warm / using aprs on search dogs is interesting /
2018-11-14 02:01:35.749222 KC5CYY CheckIn West Lawton got the idea from a hamfest in Baton Rouge, which was more in depth / back in the early 90s, Kevin Johnson N5WTS provided internet to Paul over amateur frequencies / for SAR large teams with Dogs will put APRS on the dogs as well, so they can tell what areas have been covered
2018-11-14 02:01:27.191300 KI5KER CheckIn 20th and NH Jones in SW Lawton reinstalled the radio in the truck / have a DMR radio, use daily on radio
2018-11-14 01:39:08.055035 KC5LUR CheckIn Marlow don't do much digital mode / thought about looking into wires-x
2018-11-14 01:38:53.608801 K5BDW CheckIn Duncan CIO
2018-11-14 01:38:46.703007 K9DCB CheckIn Semi Central Lawton havent experimented beyond DMR / have done aprs on DMR as well as ranging / DMR seems to be the last frontier on digital voice / on the Anytone 868 2.33 firmware enabled the GPS /
2018-11-14 01:38:10.952931 AC5XJ CheckIn CIO
2018-11-14 01:37:05.721110 KK5QS CheckIn Marlow need someone to run the net, will help / really into digital modes at first, but could not get it to key the radio ic 7100 / would like to do ft 8 to work all states quickly
2018-11-14 01:36:52.502160 KD5TDK CheckIn Duncan ready for it to warm up a bit / use DMR / played on packet / getting a fusion machine up in Duncan before too long
2018-11-14 01:36:47.052778 KG5NGD CheckIn Lawton
2018-11-14 01:23:57.273805 KG5ICZ CheckIn Hwy 49 and Stoney Point Road in Comanche County Net Control / Topic: Digital modes, voice or data, on any band / Call for Net control

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