Rag Chew Net 2016-06-14

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2016-06-14 20:27:07.082421 AF5AS CheckIn Altus uses a ps and a batt and charge batt, plus wall warts, handhelds are all battery, mobile radios on batttery / Status of W5DPH /
2016-06-14 20:26:59.059386 K5SRL CheckIn Lawton had opp to listen to person running for house district 62 / running station on batt power with solar setup / maintained the radio laptop and light , never dropped below 12.4
2016-06-14 20:23:20.586134 K5WXL CheckIn SE Lawton been busy at work / power his station with a ps plugged into the wall, have 3 talkies plus radios in the trucks / 19 amp radio shack ps
2016-06-14 20:23:09.546091 KE5IRK ReCheck svx nets / changed things up on the net this year / dual net control / typically calls for reports, give reports and stephan will type them down / geary will coordinate with eoc and others / appreciate all the reports / had 23 ops and 130 events / channel 7 monitors and eoc monitors / start informal and start a net in standby / channel 7 monitors when we have a net / asked for help occasionally
2016-06-14 20:23:02.890424 K5NAP ReCheck jump pack / had an old one with dead batt, put in a deep cycle, super convenient with the handle and deep cycle lasts longer than the jumper batt
2016-06-14 20:17:33.323869 KG5NGD CheckIn Snyder got a megawatt, working on batts keeps them charged up at night run them all day, bacup batt is jump pack
2016-06-14 20:17:26.278549 W5ZFQ ReCheck can bring his go box to field day if someone can pick him up
2016-06-14 20:17:20.083611 KC5FM CheckIn Altus / Mobile beautiful day in Altus / when to Hamcom / ok section won all of the division awards / happy to see field day plans / don't forget the voip net on monday nights at 915 / everything is battery powered, backup batteries too, also has clam shell AA batt holders for
2016-06-14 20:04:28.049570 W5ZFQ ReCheck in his kit / has input power but also output power for powering other stuff, like a 1000w inverter
2016-06-14 20:04:21.244116 KE5IRK ReCheck had permission to get a generac unit, will be backup / have a 20 amp astron in the box in case he has to go, all radios are on a 70 amp
2016-06-14 20:04:13.699005 WD5USA CheckIn NW Lawton still working on the go box / astron 70 amp ps in the house into a pwoergate into a 12v optima batteries x 2 / has a knock off rigrunner with out outputs / can go mobile unplugging antennas and power and plug into the car / hyrbid runs the charging automatically / ht's have the cig lighter plug adapters
2016-06-14 20:04:08.265480 K5NAP CheckIn Elgin kenwwod 480 runs on a 55ah batt, charged at night, has solar panels to charge it, shed will be solar powered when it's ready / the field box has a 35 ah internal batter with powerpoles / can run anything external power to the box / could just run batt cables to the internal batt / has a couple of extra anderson poles on it, 35 ah batt is for emergency in general / hoping everyone will have go box at field day
2016-06-14 20:03:41.926960 N5EVA CheckIn Elgin Using a battery on the HT
2016-06-14 20:03:38.280979 KF5GMT CheckIn half in half out of an attic jacking an ac unit up for relocation / don't have a station, but will have 4 kinetic 1500 batts and a trip lite ac dc converter / will put a yaesu radio for a base / atm just batt and the converter / next 6 moths or so will have a base unit
2016-06-14 20:03:34.706446 KE5GFY CheckIn Lawton 2 astron 20amp ps for 2 hfs and 2 mobiles
2016-06-14 20:03:28.974131 KG5DGO CheckIn Lawton cant complain, except for the humidity / yaseu 920 is powered by a 20 amp triplite ps works well / dual bander is pwoered by batteries, 3 deep cycles which will be solar charged /
2016-06-14 19:47:23.203372 AI5U CheckIn East Lawton ac to dc / refurbed kenwood ps-50 / powers ft450d / all ht batt and backups plus cradles to charge those
2016-06-14 19:47:11.596616 KE5IRK CheckIn SW Lawton id psk31 on 20m / doing family reunion stuff / tornado watch was a surprise / use astron power supply / lose power at the house, goes to the EOC which has a generator
2016-06-14 19:47:05.139110 WA5RR CheckIn Burkeburnett thanks for checkin in, name is Korey / 73 to all
2016-06-14 19:46:53.315778 N4RDB CheckIn Lawton radio shack 25 amp ps / repeater site uses a 35 amp astron ps / building battery backup for the site / will use float charger / entire repeater can go into a box and be powered by cig lighter plug
2016-06-14 19:46:22.728629 KG5DIR CheckIn Elgin USB on every plug/ astron for dc power supply / plus dc - dc devices to power rpi, etc.. has batteries to keep charged up
2016-06-14 19:46:16.664874 K5OH CheckIn Lawton Mostly use aastron power supply with an IC7000 for all bands / mag on on cookie tin / ameritron amp powers everything
2016-06-14 19:46:10.995983 W5ZFQ CheckIn NW Lawton 4 ways to power his station / 25 amp switching ps from radio shack / also in the box has 12v deep cycle car battery 70AH, last a few days / can plug into cig lighter, which will also trickle charge the batt / can also run off batt and charge at same time with external charger
2016-06-14 19:46:05.074417 KA5FNQ CheckIn Apache Feet are getting dried out after walking through the ditch - ht has batteries and keeps em charged, rest of the station is powered by ac / radio shack power supplies
2016-06-14 19:44:16.964202 KG5ICZ CheckIn QTH Net Control / Topic: powering your station

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