Rag Chew Net 2018-03-13 / Getting antennas up high

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2018-03-14 01:11:47.289248 WS5UNY CheckIn south Lawton CIO
2018-03-14 01:11:14.534380 KI5KER CheckIn SW Lawton couldn't get in on the hand helds / need an antenna higher, just climb up on somethings
2018-03-14 01:03:00.916159 KG5YBI CheckIn Gracemont live up on a hill, which helps
2018-03-14 01:02:06.637074 KG5DIR CheckIn Elgin just turned loose a possum / couple years ago some tower monkeys came out to put up some extra sections
2018-03-14 01:02:01.980372 KK5QS CheckIn Marlow 4 rohn 25g tower sections, made a tilt over base / diamond dualk band / house at a 50ft break over pole / got mfj heavy duty tripod for a hex beam on order
2018-03-14 00:48:54.466921 AF5AS CheckIn Altus doing two nickel and dime projects / replaced mast section with a pulley for the hf antennas / took down a vertical and wrapped it up for his move / tonight took down hf wire and put up a new one / 80-6 meter from powerwerx / trailer is being worked on, lubricated some pulleys and bearings / used it years ago by kc5ast / been passed around of the years and needs some TLC
2018-03-14 00:48:28.540903 KG5NGD CheckIn Snyder CIO
2018-03-14 00:47:56.773314 K5BDW CheckIn Duncan doing good / have a 40 foot tower, but not the antenna setup yet / have 60ft of tower but 40 went up safely
2018-03-14 00:47:45.183162 KG5IWL CheckIn Altus CIO
2018-03-14 00:47:37.680381 KD5TDK CheckIn Duncan pulling hair out trying to program new scanner / playing around on packet / getting warmer /
2018-03-14 00:47:28.817980 KC5FM CheckIn Altus nice out in altus 57 f / drive up on mount scott, 10 watts on sideband went to joplin mo / it's going to be a fun weekend, st patricks day / special event station in the UK, free to register, arrl.org for details or arrlok facebook and twitter page / celebrate your irish heritage
2018-03-14 00:24:36.130296 KG5ICZ CheckIn WME Net Control / Topic: getting antennas up high, mast solutions, interesting tower hardware, etc.... / Call for Net Control stations / Training for Storm Spotters

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