Rag Chew Net 2018-01-23

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2018-01-24 02:22:36.795853 KG5UVU CheckIn Chickasha Almost missed the net / wanted to say hello / using a 40 AMP powersupply / used to use a battery
2018-01-24 02:21:04.337494 KC5CYY ReCheck West Lawton Small 25AMP MFJ ps for everything in the shack / excitement about winter field day / small group at lake elsworth, just north of porter hill, on the east side of the road / nothing elaborate / come out and operate if you like / Friday Evening and tear down Sunday
2018-01-24 02:11:52.276591 N4RDB CheckIn Lawton the car has a lot of radios / 240amp alternator / with everything running it draws about 40 amp, dual batteries / at home 75 amp ps / Havesheild charge guard alternates charging and draw on the batteries, controls what's used to starting vs electronics / can prgram timers and monitoring to cut loads when voltage gets low / bought a new HD-1 radio, stay away from it because of firmware
2018-01-24 02:00:24.833102 KC5CYY CheckIn West Lawton Noisey / No Contact
2018-01-24 02:00:13.715334 WS5UNY CheckIn south Lawton CIO
2018-01-24 02:00:08.816903 AI5U CheckIn SE 45th and Hwy 7 in East Lawton Kenwood TS50, 25 amp ps / in the garage power cube jumper box with all kinds of options /
2018-01-24 02:00:00.363137 KI5KER CheckIn SW Lawton got a bunch of Baofengs, mostly battery powered, mobile is on extra batteries behind the seat / have a couple of solar panels
2018-01-24 01:59:52.065960 K5WXL CheckIn SE Lawton on the 300 / power the statoin with plugs. haha / wide variety of options, ups power radios, tv and computers / power is pretty unreliable, but is much better that it used to be / solar power to tap into if needed / use inverter generators / 2K watt yamaha - really quiet and has a fuel gauge and cut off / harbor freight inverter generator 3K with electric start / Meeting: talked about old business, wait till it warms up a bit, tower guy will have more time, New business: KSWO wants to bring HAMs to the fifth season show this year, get shirts this year. K5wxl@k5wxl.net, needs hams for the 5th season 4 hours 10AM to 2PM March 31, at the Museum of the Great Plains / maybe program radios
2018-01-24 01:55:47.474712 N5VX CheckIn 4 Miles NE of Blair No Contact
2018-01-24 01:51:01.263080 KK5QS CheckIn Marlow CIO
2018-01-24 01:50:50.310517 KG5PJH CheckIn Arkansas and 19th in Chicasha CIO
2018-01-24 01:50:29.914691 KG5IWL CheckIn Altus Winter field day this weekend, over by the resevoir / several group in the area participating / normal power supplies / large solar charged battery banks / have a UPS to power the echo link station / last about 2 or 3 days
2018-01-24 01:49:46.447696 AG5KE CheckIn South of Rush Springs CIO
2018-01-24 01:49:30.689348 KC5FM CheckIn Altus burn ban for certain counties in the area / on the conf call this morning calls for drought for the next 90 days / got some winter field day things going on this weekend /
2018-01-24 01:49:26.389085 K5BDW CheckIn Duncan CIO
2018-01-24 01:49:18.473289 KD5TDK CheckIn Duncan CIO
2018-01-24 01:49:13.531342 KE5UAB CheckIn Duncan just renewing the Amateur license / astron 50 amp PS for all the 12v stuff / have a couple of rigs have built in power / for emergeny power have whole house generator / couple spare batteries laying around
2018-01-24 01:35:52.153359 KG5ICZ CheckIn WME Net Control / Topic: Powering your station, Shack, portable, mobile / Call for Net Control Stations

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