Rag Chew Net 2018-01-09

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2018-01-10 02:09:55.272914 WS5UNY CheckIn south Lawton CIO
2018-01-10 02:09:43.629987 KI5KER CheckIn SW Lawton CIO
2018-01-10 01:51:54.734623 KG5FWI CheckIn Altus not a member or ARRL / was at first / but decided against when they raised it to $50 / might be doing alot, but thats too much / getting an antenna for HF mobile
2018-01-10 01:51:39.306595 KD5TDK CheckIn Duncan was playing on the DMR texas net almost missed this one / ARRL insurance is interesting
2018-01-10 01:51:30.815795 AG5KE CheckIn South of Rush Springs New toys / FTM 400 DX and the new Kenwood talkie
2018-01-10 01:51:15.801912 AF5CC CheckIn Central Lawton CIO / Life member of ARRL /
2018-01-10 01:51:08.987954 K5SRL CheckIn NW Lawton Not a member of the ARRL / fees are a little two high / do like their publications / AmRRon net back on tuesday nights, 146.420 on Tuesday nights at 7PM / MARS is looking to recruit operators
2018-01-10 01:48:28.677590 KG5UVU CheckIn Chickasha Been a ham since July / been sent stuff from ARRL since licensed
2018-01-10 01:47:44.344497 KE5UAB CheckIn Duncan CIO
2018-01-10 01:47:39.558269 K5BDW CheckIn Duncan Not a member / was but need to get the dues paid up / like what they do / can get insured equipment through the arrl
2018-01-10 01:47:25.391076 KG5DIR CheckIn Elgin member of the ARRL / do a lot of things behind the scenes / lobby the fcc and congress /
2018-01-10 01:47:17.701005 KA5FNQ CheckIn Apache Became a member of the League in 1979, grew up in an ARRL household / currently member and they do a lot of good
2018-01-10 01:31:11.044273 KG5ICZ CheckIn WME Net Control / ARRL Membership, Yes/No/Why? / Call for Net Control Stations / Swap net next week

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