Rag Chew Net 2017-09-26

Timestamp Callsign Checkin Type Location Notes
2017-09-27 01:03:00.539065 KC5FM CheckIn Altus ARRL is dploying 50 amateurs to PR to support the efforts after the hurricane / carry two HTs, wouxung 6g, dual band with commercial / the other is the IC92ad and listen to the navajo hotspot / be mindful of the weather, we have a lot of rain forcast, turn around don't drown / if on 20 meters listen for PR stations / and 60 meters channels
2017-09-27 01:02:51.417552 WS5UNY CheckIn SW Lawton CIO
2017-09-27 01:02:42.348893 KI5KER CheckIn SW Lawton needed a boat earlier today / got 4.9" by 10am / uv5r v2 is the carry all the time / bought a mobile antenna for Sunny's car
2017-09-27 01:02:37.489493 KC5CYY CheckIn West Lawton first radio was an HT, radio shack 202 / still have it, for APRS / Icom ID51, took it with him to Canada / can store repeater ahead of time / attempt satellite with it
2017-09-27 00:59:49.191601 KO0OL CheckIn 17th street between gore and ferris vx5 handheld / carry it except at work /
2017-09-27 00:59:42.551684 KG5DIR CheckIn Elgin Raining again inElgin, carry the ID51, MD380 and the Kenwood v7
2017-09-27 00:46:44.599843 AI5U CheckIn SE 45th and Hwy 7 in East Lawton VX1.2.3 stay in the house, vx 5 in the car and vx5 g with gps and aprs, vx 6 and vx7r and ft2d / vx5 is the most rugged use it for weather
2017-09-27 00:46:40.551659 AG5KE CheckIn South of Rush Springs Don't carry an ht, unless there is weather, rely on the truck mobile radio /
2017-09-27 00:46:30.874738 KD5TDK CheckIn Duncan tyt md380 regularly / and also ft-60, but batt is shot on it /
2017-09-27 00:46:27.178085 KG5IWL CheckIn Altus raining in Altus / always carry an ht where there is not a base radio / use it as a backup / do tend to use it for APRS with cell phone / use the baofeng uv82 with the extended battery / use a simple cable for smart phone to radio
2017-09-27 00:45:56.918952 KG5NGD CheckIn Snyder CIO
2017-09-27 00:45:50.962738 KE5UAB CheckIn Duncan dont always carry HT / will grab on for long trip / tired of carrying fire radio / chance of weather prompts keeping a radio
2017-09-27 00:42:34.674984 W5ZFQ CheckIn NW Lawton HT Only / Early checkin / alway carry ht, may nt always be on, FT2-dr does everything
2017-09-27 00:34:35.215212 KG5ICZ CheckIn Hwy 49 and Stoney Point Rd in Comanche County Net Control / Topic: Carry and HT everyday? Why or why not?

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